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Stillwater Ranch Ladies

Waterfall's On Stage Performance 
born June 3, 2022

Canine Good Citizen 
RATI (barn hunt instinct)

Mira is a high affectionate, loving girl who loves giving kisses and going for truck rides. She's the definition of a "shadow" and loves being around and under foot of her owner. She is predominantly Australian Shepherd lines that were brought into AKC as Miniature American Shepherd. 

18 inches tall
35 pounds 

Genetic Testing through Pawprint Genetics 
Genetic testing n/n for NCLS, HUU, CEA, CD, DM, MDRI, CMR1, PRA/prcd
NAD Clear

OFA Hips Prelims Good 
OFA Elbows Prelims Normal 
OFA Patellas Prelims Normal 
OFA Eyes Normal 
OFA Pennhip was in the top 90% of Miniature American Shepherds
OFA CHIC Number: 193553

View her public health tests results here:
Stillwater's Changala Made Ya Look

Sike is a half sister to Drama, and a daughter of our boy Jinx. 
Genetic Testing through Pawprint Genetics Genetic testing n/n for NCLS, HUU, CEA, CD, DM, MDRI, CMR1, PRA/prcd
NAD Clea
OFA hips prelim good
She turns 2 years old June 2024

Sike is an incredibly athletic sporty pup who loves doing canine sports with her dog including weekend warrioring into agility class, barn hunt, trick dogs, and frisbee. 

She is co-owned and lives with our friend Amber
Stillwater's Dibbs On the Range
Born January 20, 2023

Opal is a black tri daughter of our girl Dibbs (Stillwater's I'm Callin Dibbs) by Siggy (Exquisite's Sig Sauer from Clearwater Canine in Idaho)
She is a super fun to work with black tri who is highly biddable, super intelligent, and loves doing about anything with me

Genetic Testing through Pawprint Genetics Genetic testing n/n for NCLS, HUU, CEA, CD, DM, MDRI, CMR1, PRA/prcd
NAD Clear
OFA eyes Normal
OFA Hips: Prelims good 
OFA Pennhip: .34 and .38 (average is .45 in the breed, her hips are bette than average. Pennhip is scored from 0-1. closer to 0 is better)

OFA CHIC number: 194514

View her publicly posted health test results here:
Reference Females
GCHB GCH CH Stillwater's I'm Callin Dibbs CGC. TKN 
16 inches 
Black tri 
AKC Champion 
AKC Grand Champion 
AKC Grand Champion Bronze
TKN Novice trick dog

Pawprint Genetics tested Clear for CDDY, CD, CEA, CMO, DM, HC, HUU, IGS, MDR1, CMR1, NCLS
PRA/prcd carrier

OFA Eyes: Normal
OFA Hips: Good
OFA Patellas: Normal
OFA Elbows: Normal 
OFA CHIC Number: 170513
She is spayed and in an amazing retirement home
Stillwater's Better in a Black Dress CGC TKN

Sequin is a sweetheart, and the girl who's always in my pocket. 
She is super smart and has herding drive.
She is a beautiful black tri and second generation Stillwater bred. We are so excited to have her! 
17.5 inches

Genetic testing n/n for NCLS, HUU, CEA, CD, DM, MDRI, CMR1, PRA/prcd

NAD carrier
OFA Eyes: Normal
OFA Hips: Good 
OFA Patellas: Normal
OFA Elbows: Normal
OFA CHIC Number: 167651
She is spayed and will be living with us for the rest of her life
Black Tri Miniature American Shepherd
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